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Unleashing Success: TPIG - Turning Poop Into Gold

In the vast landscape of the pet care industry, one niche that often goes unnoticed is pet waste removal. Dallas-based company Scoop Soldiers has not only recognized this gap but has also turned it into a golden opportunity. Since its inception in 2010, Scoop Soldiers has evolved from a local pet waste removal service into a multi-state powerhouse with franchises in various metropolitan areas. Now, they are ready to share their success secrets with aspiring entrepreneurs through their innovative program, TPIG - Turning Poop Into Gold.

Pet waste removal might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a thriving business, but the truth is, it's a rapidly emerging industry. While the broader pet care market is a multibillion-dollar juggernaut, many homeowners are still unaware of the convenience and benefits offered by professional pet waste removal services. Scoop Soldiers, with its years of experience and success, is stepping up to educate and guide entrepreneurs in tapping into this untapped market.

TPIG is not just a catchy acronym; it represents a comprehensive program designed to help entrepreneurs build and manage their own pet waste removal business successfully. The core pillars of TPIG encompass reaching the untapped market, effectively selling the service, hiring the right workers, and developing a robust business strategy to create raving fans. Let's dive into the key components that make TPIG a game-changer for anyone looking to venture into the pet waste removal industry.

Reaching the Untapped Market

The first step in any successful business venture is identifying and reaching the target market. Scoop Soldiers understands that many homeowners are unaware of the convenience and benefits of professional pet waste removal. TPIG provides aspiring entrepreneurs with proven strategies to raise awareness, target potential customers, and effectively communicate the value of their service to a market that's waiting to be tapped.

Selling the Service

Educating potential customers about the benefits of professional pet waste removal is just the beginning. TPIG guides entrepreneurs on how to sell the service effectively. From crafting compelling marketing messages to employing strategic pricing models, the program empowers entrepreneurs to position their business as an indispensable solution in the pet care industry.

Hiring the Right Workers

Building a successful business is not just about acquiring customers; it's also about having a dedicated and efficient team. TPIG offers insights into hiring the right workers, emphasizing the importance of reliability, professionalism, and a genuine love for animals. With Scoop Soldiers' experience as a foundation, entrepreneurs can ensure they have a team that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Developing a Business Strategy to Create Raving Fans

Beyond the initial sale, TPIG focuses on cultivating long-term customer loyalty. Entrepreneurs will learn how to develop a business strategy that goes beyond just providing a service, creating raving fans who not only become repeat customers but also ambassadors for the business through word of mouth.

Through educational materials and personalized consultations, TPIG provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from an industry pioneer. Scoop Soldiers' success in turning pet waste into a thriving business is a testament to the potential within this often-overlooked niche.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, seizing unconventional opportunities can lead to remarkable success. Scoop Soldiers' TPIG is an invitation for forward-thinking individuals to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs in the pet care industry. Contact Scoop Soldiers today to learn more about how TPIG can help you turn poop into gold and build a flourishing pet waste removal business. The untapped market is waiting – are you ready to scoop up success?

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We are so sure of our quality pooper scooper service that we offer a 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back Guarantee. Our standard operating procedure is perfection, but when things aren't up to par, let us know and we'll come back and make it right for FREE. You are the sergeant, and you let us know when our work isn't to your standards.

Your dogs are your best friends - and they are the best part of your day. You love playing fetch, going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. In fact, there is nothing about your pups that you would like to change - except maybe all the poo they leave around your yard.

If we are being honest, all the mess left behind by your dogs can make the use of your yard a bit difficult. Having to watch where you step every time you want to play with your kids outside is like dodging landmines. And what is worse is that little slide you do when you accidentally plant your foot down in the wrong spot. Talk about ruining some quality time. 

At Scoop Soldiers, we swing by your property, take care of cleaning up your dog’s business, and then we are on our way to engage in battle somewhere else. You are left with a beautifully clean, fresh yard to enjoy without worry. 


At Scoop Soldiers, we’re all about our (and your!) four legged “fur”iends! That’s why we offer Scoop Soldiers services for residential and commercial areas, such as doggy daycares, dog boarding facilities, apartment complexes, and hotels, within:

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Very friendly people that love dogs, and do their job with integrity! Today it was especially awesome. I had a wonderful person named Alicia V. come and give my dogs some attention they long for! She was very kind and very friendly. Did a terrific job. Wish I could have her all the time.

Elisa G.


Chance does a great job! Service makes things easier since they clean up after the pups. Always a thorough job done.

Erika S.


Faith has been a great help. She's quick, punctual, and attentive. I appreciate every time she comes to my house for services. She's awesome.

Travis A.


I started using Scoop Soldiers about 6 weeks ago, and have been thoroughly impressed. The quality of work is excellent, and the communication is great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Mike C.


I am so happy that I found this company. We have had the 2x weekly cleanup and quarterly sanitization service for about a year, and I couldn't be happier. They always show up and text before they arrive. Matt is professional and polite, and we always receive an email with a picture of our closed gate after the service is complete.

Christy B.
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