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We are so sure of our quality pooper scooper service that we offer a 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back Guarantee. Our standard operating procedure is perfection, but when things aren't up to par, let us know and we'll come back and make it right for FREE. You are the sergeant, and you let us know when our work isn't to your standards.

Your dogs are your best friends - and they are the best part of your day. You love playing fetch, going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. In fact, there is nothing about your pups that you would like to change - except maybe all the poo they leave around your yard.

If we are being honest, all the mess left behind by your dogs can make the use of your yard a bit difficult. Having to watch where you step every time you want to play with your kids outside is like dodging landmines. And what is worse is that little slide you do when you accidentally plant your foot down in the wrong spot. Talk about ruining some quality time. 

At Scoop Soldiers, we swing by your property, take care of cleaning up your dog’s business, and then we are on our way to engage in battle somewhere else. You are left with a beautifully clean, fresh yard to enjoy without worry. 


Up To 4 Dogs Included
Picture Of Your Secured Gate Emailed After Each Visit
We Take The Waste With Us
Free Call In Advance Of Visit
Trained, Uniformed, Background Checked Techs That Love Dogs
No Contracts
No Pre-Payments
Marked Trucks
Thousands Of Happy Clients
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Pooper Scooper Service

Dog poop clean up is a part of pet ownership that doesn’t exactly bubble to the top of anyone’s list when bringing a four-legged friend home. Luckily, you have Scoop Soldiers on your side to help with pet waste removal. Our technicians are highly trained, meaning we find all of the piles, big and small, in the yard, on the patio, and in the flower beds. At Scoop Soldiers we know that you’ll be so thrilled and delighted with our pooper scooper service that you’ll inevitably find yourself telling your friends and neighbors.

In fact, it may not even be necessary for you to tell your friends and neighbors since they’ll be able to walk carefree through your yard without slipping and sliding on a hidden trap. Your visitors won’t be the only one’s content with your cleared yard of course. You and your family will once again be able to enjoy your yard without having to watch where you roll, step, or sit.

Fortunately, the battle against pet waste is easily won with Scoop Soldiers. Our soldiers will stop by, enter your yard, scoop up the waste, and take it with them. The best part? You’ll receive a photo of your locked gate straight to your email after service, ensuring your fortress is secure.


Do you really need to keep your yard clean? Absolutely. Many people think leaving it alone may be beneficial for the yard, acting as a fertilizer of sorts. However, dog poop can pollute the environment - and can even be classified the same as insecticides, herbicides, and toxic chemicals. It’s likely not the type of fresh air you’ve always imagined breathing when you step out your front door. 

So, why is It important to clean up your dog’s doo?

Whether you have to clean up or not, doing so makes life more enjoyable. Taking the initiative to get it done means you can take advantage of the benefits. And, thanks to Scoop Soldiers – you don’t have to lift a finger because we bring total freedom to your yard!


At Scoop Soldiers, we’re all about our (and your!) four legged “fur”iends! That’s why we offer Scoop Soldiers dog poop clean up services for residential and commercial areas, such as doggy daycares, dog boarding facilities, apartment complexes, and hotels, within:

College Station
Colorado Springs
Dallas/ Fort Worth
Kansas City
Las Vegas
NW Arkansas
Oklahoma City
Raleigh-Durham-Wake Forest
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
Washington, DC
Scoop Soldiers Service Area


You’ve got three choices:

If you want to take advantage of everything that comes with having a clean yard -  then you’ll need a battle plan. Investing in Scoop Soldiers means you’ll be receiving a multitude of benefits. We welcome the opportunity to care for your property, whether residential or commercial.

Want to take your service a step further? Choose one (or multiple!) of our powerful add-ons. Our deodorizer add on is a great way to have a fresh smelling yard at any time since it can be added as needed.  We also offer sanitization that combats against any bacteria and viruses left behind once the cleanup is complete. We can also add your front yard to the battle plan.

Everyone likes a nice, comfortable, and clean latrine - even our furry friends.


We don’t just stop at residential properties. Our Scoop Soldiers make their way to commercial locations, as well. Like us, dogs live their life around town - and that means our troops have a job to do at hotels, community parks, apartment complexes, doggy daycares, and other pet-friendly businesses.

We help you keep your grassy areas and pet waste bins looking clean and clear from dog poop, removing unsightly piles and the smells that go along with it. 

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