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Pet Waste Removal and Deodorization Services

The battlefield is clear, but your yard still stinks; now what? Let us neutralize the yard with our Deodorizer Add-On!

Our deodorizing treatment uses a blend of non-toxic, natural enzymes to neutralize any lingering pet waste or urine smell. The process is simple. After bagging all your waste, your soldier will spray down the entirety of your lawn and hard surfaces (such as patios). 

This simple but effective add-on will ensure that both you and your pet can go and enjoy your yard. Although we recommend adding on deodorizing every service, a soldier can do this service at any frequency you would like.

At Scoop Soldiers, we’re on the front line of pet waste removal services and environmental deodorization! We know that pet ownership is a blast, but the battle against the mess they leave behind can be a real minefield. Our Scoop Soldiers team is here to help you reclaim your yard, ensuring it’s clean, fresh, and odor-free.

We know that a clean and healthy living environment is crucial for both you and your beloved furry friends. We offer a comprehensive pooper scooper service to tackle pet waste removal and deodorization with military precision.

About Us

At Scoop Soldiers, we take our mission seriously: to provide residential pet owners and commercial property managers with the best pet waste removal and deodorization services in town. Our troops are highly trained, uniformed, and background-checked, and they absolutely adore dogs. We’ve earned our stripes through thousands of satisfied clients and our commitment to excellence. What sets us apart? Our 100% Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee. We stand by our standard operating procedure, but if anything isn’t up to par, let us know, and we’ll fix it for FREE. You’re the sergeant here, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Services Offered

At Scoop Soldiers, we offer a variety of services to keep your property pristine. Combined, our professional and customized waste removal services provide a comprehensive solution for a clean yard and healthier environment. Here’s a closer look at each.

Regular Scooping

Our troops meticulously clean your yard, patio, and flower beds, ensuring no pile is left behind. We understand that every dog has its day, and sometimes, that day is messy. Not everyone has the right items and equipment to deal with pet waste pickup, but it’s no problem for our soldiers.

We equip our team with specialized tools, ensuring we find and remove even the sneakiest of surprises your four-legged friend may have left behind. Regularly scheduled service ensures that proliferation of dangerous bacteria, parasites, and odor-causing molecules is averted. Whether it’s a tiny landmine or a larger excavation project, our cleanup service handles it all.

Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Our yard Deodorization Add-On uses non-toxic, natural enzymes to neutralize odors, making your property smell fresh and inviting. Picture this: a yard that not only looks clean but also smells pristine. Our deodorizing treatment is a game-changer!

After bagging all the waste, our soldier will strategically deploy our deodorizer across the entirety of your lawn and hard surfaces, including patios. This simple yet highly effective add-on ensures that both you and your pet can enjoy your yard without having to hold your nose.

The Importance of Deodorization

In the battle against pet waste, it's not just about keeping your yard clean, deodorization is a pivotal strategy with far-reaching benefits.

Residential Redemption: A Pleasant Living Space

Combating odors for a pleasant environment: Picture a world where stepping into your yard is like a breath of fresh air. Our deodorization service ensures your outdoor space is inviting, welcoming, and free from odors like pet urine or other offensive smells.

The sweet scent of victory:
Hosting gatherings, special events, barbecues, or simply spending quality time in your yard is a joy when it smells as fresh as a daisy. Our deodorizing treatment transforms your yard into a fragrant haven.

Waging War Against Unwanted Guests: Reduced Attraction of Pests and Insects

Repelling the enemy: Pet waste is a magnet for pests and insects. Flies and other unwelcome guests can quickly infiltrate your yard, turning it into their breeding ground. Our deodorization service serves as a protective barrier, keeping these intruders at bay.

A peaceful coexistence: With Scoop Soldiers’ deodorization, you and your family can keep your property safe and enjoy your outdoor space without the constant swatting, shooing, and buzzing that often accompanies the presence of pests.

Enhancing Property Prestige: Improved Curb Appeal and Value

Curb appeal that commands attention: A well-maintained, odor-free yard isn’t just a visual delight — it’s a powerful curb appeal enhancer. Your property stands out as a desirable place to live, highlighting your commitment to a clean and healthy living environment.

Increasing property value: Beyond aesthetics, a pristine yard contributes to your property’s overall value. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply take pride in your home, our deodorization service adds value by creating an attractive outdoor space.

For Commercial Properties

These benefits of deodorization apply to our commercial services as well. Keeping your property clean and deodorized with routine service to artificial turf, apartment complexes, dog parks, and pet stations, make these areas more appealing and comfortable for residents and visitors alike.


Our secret weapon in the fight against pet odors is the Scoop Soldiers Deodorizer. This eco-friendly, pet-safe product uses natural enzymes to neutralize lingering smells. It’s revolutionary, leaving your yard smelling fresh and ready for action!

Commercial & Residential Services Pricing

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Visit our pricing page for all the details. No hidden fees — just fair and reasonable prices for residential customers and commercial property owners.

Transparent Pricing: We realize that budgeting is a critical factor when it comes to choosing a pet waste removal service, which is why we offer transparent pricing and flexible service agreements. You’ll know exactly what to expect, with no surprises or hidden fees. Competitive Rates: We strive to offer the best value for your money. Our rates are competitive, ensuring that you get top-notch service without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Scoop Soldiers for:

Experienced and professional service techs: Our troops are not only passionate about dogs but also highly trained to handle any pet waste removal challenges. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and attention to detail.
Eco-friendly practices: We’re committed to protecting the environment while keeping your yard clean. Our eco-friendly practices minimize our carbon pawprint and ensure a healthier planet for everyone.
Pet-friendly products: We use only pet-friendly products that are safe for your furry family members. Your pets can roam the entire yard without any worries.
Reliable and consistent service: When you enlist Scoop Soldiers, you’re signing up for a reliable and consistent daily or weekly service, whatever you need. We show up on time, every time, ensuring your yard is pristine.
Client testimonials and success stories: Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our satisfied clients have to say. Their reviews and success stories speak volumes about our amazing company and our commitment to excellence.

Benefits of Combined Services

Combining pet waste cleanup and deodorization is a smart move:

A comprehensive solution for a cleaner and healthier environment: Our combined services provide a holistic solution to pet waste problems. You’ll have a yard that’s not only clean but also free of unpleasant odors.
Cost-effective bundling: Why pay for additional services separately for pet waste removal and deodorization when you can bundle them together and save? Our combined services offer excellent value for your money.
Peace of mind for homeowners: Imagine stepping into your yard without constantly scanning for hidden surprises. With Scoop Soldiers' service on a regular schedule, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your yard is in the best hands.

Atten-hut! Here’s How It All Works

Are you ready to take the next step? Here’s our step-by-step guide.

Booking Process

First things first, provide us with your information. To book our poop removal services, fill out our online form or call us at +1 877-930-7667. 

What To Expect During Visits

Once you’ve scheduled your service, our troops will arrive on schedule for their mission. They will thoroughly patrol your yard, meticulously removing all pet waste, and leaving it spotless. Our first-class service includes complete removal - we haul your animal waste off property and dispose of it in a professional manner.

Customization Options

We understand that every yard is unique, and your pet's needs may vary, so we offer customization options to tailor our pet waste service to your specific requirements. If you have any specific requests or additional areas of concern in your yard, simply let us know, and we’ll ensure we address them on our visits.

Our goal is to make the entire process a convenient solution and as hassle-free as possible. We want you to enjoy your yard without the worry of pet waste, and we’re here to make that goal a reality.

Contact Us: Scoop Soldiers Is Here to Act

Now that you know what’s at stake, here’s your mission:

Schedule a Service: Schedule your pet waste removal service with our online form or by calling us at +1 877-930-7667. Choose your desired service frequency and any added services you need. We’ll take it from there and ensure your yard stays clean and fresh.

Request a Quote: If you have specific requirements or questions about pricing, you can request a personalized quote. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Follow us on social media: Stay up to date with the latest news, promotions, and pet waste removal tips by following our social posts. We’ll keep you informed and offer exclusive deals to our loyal soldiers.

At Scoop Soldiers, we take pet waste removal seriously, but we also know how to have a little fun with it. Join our mission, and let’s keep your turf clean and free from pet waste bombs! Remember, with Scoop Soldiers on your side, you’ll always be on the winning side of the battle against pet waste.

Enlist today, and let’s conquer the pet waste battlefield together!

Pet Waste Deodorization FAQs

What services does Scoop Soldiers offer for pet waste removal and deodorization?

Scoop Soldiers provides comprehensive pet waste removal and deodorization services, ensuring a clean and fresh environment for your property.

How does Scoop Soldiers handle pet waste deodorization?

Scoop Soldiers uses effective deodorizing agents to neutralize odors associated with pet waste, leaving your outdoor spaces smelling clean and fresh.

Why is deodorization important in addition to waste removal?

Deodorization is crucial to eliminate lingering smells and create a more pleasant outdoor space. It enhances the overall cleanliness and comfort of your property.

Can Scoop Soldiers deodorize indoor areas affected by pet odors?

While Scoop Soldiers primarily focuses on outdoor pet waste removal, they may offer recommendations for indoor deodorization products or services to address pet odors inside your home.

How often should I opt for deodorization services with Scoop Soldiers?

The frequency of deodorization services depends on factors such as the number of pets, the size of your property, and the intensity of odors. Scoop Soldiers can provide guidance based on your specific situation.

Is the deodorization process safe for pets and the environment?

Scoop Soldiers uses pet-friendly and environmentally safe deodorizing products to ensure the well-being of your pets and minimize any environmental impact.

Can Scoop Soldiers remove stains caused by pet waste?

While Scoop Soldiers primarily focuses on waste removal and deodorization, they may provide advice on stain removal products or techniques. 

Do I need to be present during the pet waste removal and deodorization process?

 It's not necessary for you to be present during the service. Scoop Soldiers can efficiently carry out their services even if you're not at home, ensuring convenience for customers.

How long does the deodorization effect last?

The longevity of the deodorization effect varies based on factors like weather conditions, pet activity, and the specific deodorizing products used. Scoop Soldiers can provide insights into maintaining a fresh-smelling environment.

Are there any specific instructions to follow before Scoop Soldiers arrives for service?

Typically, it's helpful to ensure that the outdoor areas are accessible and that pets are safely confined or indoors during the service. Scoop Soldiers may provide specific instructions when scheduling.

Can Scoop Soldiers work with commercial properties for pet waste removal and deodorization?

Yes, Scoop Soldiers offers services for both residential and commercial properties, tailoring their pet waste removal and deodorization solutions to meet the needs of various clients.

What happens if I have a specific concern about pet waste in a particular area of my property?

Communicate any specific concerns or requests with Scoop Soldiers when scheduling the service. They can address particular areas or issues based on your requirements.

How do I Do I need a separate appointment for deodorization, or is it included in the waste removal service?

Deodorization is often included as part of the waste removal service with Scoop Soldiers. Check with them to understand the scope of services included in your chosen plan.

Is Scoop Soldiers available for emergency pet waste cleanup and deodorization?

While emergency services may be subject to availability, Scoop Soldiers can discuss options for urgent cleanup and deodorization needs. Contact them promptly to inquire about emergency services.

How do I schedule a combined pet waste removal and deodorization service with Scoop Soldiers?

Scheduling a combined service is easy. Contact Scoop Soldiers through their website, phone, or email, and they will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right plan for your needs. Don’t forget to add sanitization to your full battle package to clean and disinfect your area.

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We are so sure of our quality pooper scooper service that we offer a 100% Iron-Clad, Money Back Guarantee. Our standard operating procedure is perfection, but when things aren't up to par, let us know and we'll come back and make it right for FREE. You are the sergeant, and you let us know when our work isn't to your standards.

Your dogs are your best friends - and they are the best part of your day. You love playing fetch, going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. In fact, there is nothing about your pups that you would like to change - except maybe all the poo they leave around your yard.

If we are being honest, all the mess left behind by your dogs can make the use of your yard a bit difficult. Having to watch where you step every time you want to play with your kids outside is like dodging landmines. And what is worse is that little slide you do when you accidentally plant your foot down in the wrong spot. Talk about ruining some quality time. 

At Scoop Soldiers, we swing by your property, take care of cleaning up your dog’s business, and then we are on our way to engage in battle somewhere else. You are left with a beautifully clean, fresh yard to enjoy without worry. 


Up To 4 Dogs Included
Picture Of Your Secured Gate Emailed After Each Visit
We Take The Waste With Us
Free Call In Advance Of Visit
Trained, Uniformed, Background Checked Techs That Love Dogs
No Contracts
No Pre-Payments
Marked Trucks
Thousands Of Happy Clients
satisfaction guaranteed
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Scooping pet waste is a part of pet ownership that doesn’t exactly bubble to the top of anyone’s list when bringing a four-legged friend home. Luckily, you have Scoop Soldiers on your side. Our technicians are highly trained, meaning we find all of the piles, big and small, in the yard, on the patio, and in the flower beds. At Scoop Soldiers we know that you’ll be so thrilled and delighted with our service that you’ll inevitably find yourself telling your friends and neighbors.

In fact, it may not even be necessary for you to tell your friends and neighbors since they’ll be able to walk carefree through your yard without slipping and sliding on a hidden trap. Your visitors won’t be the only one’s content with your cleared yard of course. You and your family will once again be able to enjoy your yard without having to watch where you roll, step, or sit.

Fortunately, the battle against pet waste is easily won with Scoop Soldiers. Our soldiers will stop by, enter your yard, scoop up the waste, and take it with them. The best part? You’ll receive a photo of your locked gate straight to your email after service, ensuring your fortress is secure.


At Scoop Soldiers, we’re all about our (and your!) four legged “fur”iends! That’s why we offer Scoop Soldiers services for residential and commercial areas, such as doggy daycares, dog boarding facilities, apartment complexes, and hotels, within:

College Station
Colorado Springs
Dallas/ Fort Worth
Fort Myers
Kansas City
Las Vegas
NW Arkansas
Oklahoma City
Raleigh-Durham-Wake Forest
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
Washington, DC
Scoop Soldiers Service Area

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Very friendly people that love dogs, and do their job with integrity! Today it was especially awesome. I had a wonderful person named Alicia V. come and give my dogs some attention they long for! She was very kind and very friendly. Did a terrific job. Wish I could have her all the time.

Elisa G.


Chance does a great job! Service makes things easier since they clean up after the pups. Always a thorough job done.

Erika S.


Faith has been a great help. She's quick, punctual, and attentive. I appreciate every time she comes to my house for services. She's awesome.

Travis A.


I started using Scoop Soldiers about 6 weeks ago, and have been thoroughly impressed. The quality of work is excellent, and the communication is great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Mike C.


I am so happy that I found this company. We have had the 2x weekly cleanup and quarterly sanitization service for about a year, and I couldn't be happier. They always show up and text before they arrive. Matt is professional and polite, and we always receive an email with a picture of our closed gate after the service is complete.

Christy B.
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