Paws for a Cause: Valor Service Dogs and Scoop Soldiers Unite

In a world where spreading kindness and lending a helping hand matters most, our team at Scoop Soldiers has a long-standing partnership with Valor Service Dogs to make life better for furry friends and their humans. At first glance, our organizations may seem to have different missions: service dogs and keeping our yards clean. However, dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that our hearts beat as one with a love for pups and a passion for community giving.

Valor Service Dogs

With a mighty bark and a compassionate heart, Valor Service Dogs helps post-9/11 American veterans and first responders. Imagine this: a dedicated gang of dogs specially trained to be super sidekicks so their heroes can tackle life with a bit more ease. These aren’t just any dogs; they can provide physical and emotional support to their owners.

Valor Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization that helps post-9/11 veterans and first responders regain their independence, return to civilian life, and support successful partnerships by training and placing mobility assistance and PTSD service dogs. These dogs are specially trained and subject to the legal obligations that allow service dogs to be active members of society.

Valor Service Dogs raise and train their dogs for mobility and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using best training practices from some of the top trainers in the field. Dogs are trained for specific needs to an individual, not a one-size-fits-all operation. Most importantly, they spread the good word on what it means to be a service dog duo in today’s world, educating the public on the laws and regulations that govern service dogs, and decreasing the stress and misinformation to create a more understanding place for these 2- and 4-legged heroes in our world.

Michael and Frannie Valor

There are success stories everywhere about the impact service dogs make on our injured heroes. We would like to share the story of Michael and Frannie; in Michael's words:

"My name is Michael Haure, I am a medically retired Deputy Sheriff, and the proud recipient of Frannie Valor, a service dog from Valor Service Dogs. I am not defined by what my career was but hopefully one day I will be defined by who I am, which is an ambassador, friend, grandson, cousin, uncle, brother, son, husband, and to me probably the most important a father.

My life forever changed November 29th 2019, when I was involved in a physical altercation which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. To this day the effects of my traumatic brain injury are still present. In July 2020, I applied for a service dog with Valor Service Dogs after an extensive nationwide search. On January 13th 2021, I had my needs assessment with Valor and on January 18th, 2021 I received my notification that I was going to be receiving a service dog named Frannie Valor.

When you receive a service dog you are told that you shouldn’t feel bad that it can take time to form a bond. That was not the case with Frannie. We immediately connected and it felt like it was just meant to be. Since I have had Frannie, I do anything and everything I can to not only give back to Valor but to be a voice for those who can’t find theirs.

Service dogs aren’t a cure, they aren’t an end all be all, they can add stress and anxiety, you won’t be fixed, however what they are is a piece of an incredibly complex healing puzzle. I am here as proof that service dogs truly do save lives."

Dogs have a magical way of bringing comfort, encouragement, and a sense of safety to humans, lifting spirits with nothing more than a nuzzle. Valor Service Dogs take this to the next level by reintegrating their owners into the community and bringing much needed public awareness and education.  

Scoop Soldiers

In the spirit of being helpful and filling a niche community need, Scoop Soldiers excel at keeping backyards spick and span allowing dog owners more quality time with their pet. At Scoop Soldiers, we create worlds where you can enjoy your lawn without the fear of stepping on a “landmine,” thanks to our pet waste removal services. We support clean and safe environments for four-legged friends and their families, tackling the task that no one wants to do but everyone needs.

Scoop Soldiers is also on a mission. We use eco-friendly practices that ensure the earth stays as happy and healthy as your pup. Our methods minimize waste and maximize sustainability, proving that taking care of our pets’ business can be friendly to our environment, too.

Pets and Community

Valor Service Dogs and Scoop Soldiers bring a whole new leash on life, making perfect examples of how furry friends and caretakers can support the well-being of communities.

Valor Service Dogs fulfills a community need that is near and dear to the Scoop Soldiers team - making the lives of veterans and first responders better and spreading smiles and awareness. At Scoop Soldiers, we support that need as the hygiene heroes, ensuring our shared spaces are as fresh and clean.  

Scoop Soldiers has teamed up with Valor Service Dogs to sponsor furry heroes-in-training for veterans and first responders. In addition to monthly donations, we’ve put our name on their new whelping room at their facilities, helping raise and train even more service dogs. Valor Service Dogs also furthers their noble mission with tail-wagging events and meaningful partnerships that weave an interconnected web of support.

Together, these squads of service and sanitation bring communities closer, creating fur-ever friendships and a cleaner, happier world for two and four-legged folks alike.

If you’re interested in helping give more support to Valor Service Dogs, check out their donation page. There are links to their Amazon facility wish lists in Florida and Georgia, Chewy wish list, and Walmart registry. These registries are for needs specifically requested by Valor should you feel compelled to help their mission. Additionally, if you are a military veteran or first responder in need of a service animal, contact them directly to apply.  

Pet Care Tips

When crafting the “ultimutt” environment for our furry companions, Valor Service Dogs and Scoop Soldiers bark up the same tree.

Firstly, cleanliness is next to “dogliness.” Regular clean-ups — courtesy of teams like Scoop Soldiers — prevent pets from picking up unwanted “presents” from their outdoor adventures. Next, exercise isn’t just a walk in the park; it’s a run, a game of fetch, and sometimes a full-on agility course in the backyard. Valor Service Dogs remind us that mental stimulation is just as crucial as physical activity.

Lastly, every dog deserves a hero, and being informed about pet health and wellness turns you into exactly that. Valor Service Dogs and Scoop Soldiers champion the importance of regular check-ups and being proactive about our pets’ health.

A Round of PAW-pplause!

It’s been quite a tail-wagging adventure. We have partnered with Valor Service Dogs to give back to the community, serving two and four-legged friends with unparalleled dedication. Our goal is to foster a compassionate, inclusive, and thriving community for all!

Join the Pack!

Want to be part of the change we’re making? Here’s how you can lend a paw and spread the good word:

  • Donate, Volunteer, and Sponsor: We welcome donations, volunteers, and sponsorships to further our causes. Check out Valor Service Dogs’ website for more information.
  • Call for Pet Waste Removal: Keep the community clean while remaining environment-friendly by calling us at 877-930-POOP or online.
  • Talk About These Fur-tastic Organizations: Share our stories and services on social media platforms. Every share helps raise awareness and builds a bigger community.

Create a world where dogs and humans can lead (leash-free) lives in clean, loving environments. Now, that’s something to bark about!