Best Dog Parks in Nashville, TN

Dogs need space to run and have fun, but not every living situation offers them that. Whether you are looking for a safe area to play with your pup or you are just looking for a change of scenery, dog parks are a fantastic option. Luckily, because they are so popular, it is not uncommon for big cities to offer a few different choices, and Nashville is no exception.  

To help you determine the best spot for your next game of fetch or field training, we’ve put together the top 5 best dog parks in Nashville.  

1. Edwin Warner Dog Park

If you are looking for a large, fenced dog park, this could be a good choice. It is one fenced area, and doesn’t have distinct sections for varying breed sizes. You will, however, find benches, a few trees, and a mixture of grass and dirt.  

The perks of Edwin Warner Dog Park? The wide open space is perfect for those looking for a great game of fetch - and the views surrounding the park are gorgeous.  

2. Centennial Dog Park

This dog park has two separate areas - one for big cadets and one for small ones. You will find lots of benches and shade from trees to help cool you and your pooch on a hot summer day. Of course, the drinking fountains for both of you will help, too.  

It is not uncommon to find lots of tennis balls spread through the large fenced area of grass and dirt. Consider it your dog’s treasure chest if you will.  

3. Shelby Dog Park

This is another dog park that doesn’t have designated areas for different size breeds, but it does have beautiful grounds for pups of all sizes to mingle. Lots of trees, green grass, and water fountains to keep cool, too.  

Shelby Dog Park has a lot of space to roam - and is very well kept. The lake and trails nearby give you something more to do in addition to running wild.

4. Riverfront Park Dog Park

For those in the downtown Nashville area, Riverfront Dog Park has a place for Fido to run free on artificial turf (no dirt) while you take in the convenience of the space. Again, there are no distinct areas of separation for breed sizes, so be mindful should this be an issue with your pup.  

This park also has bags to clean up after your pup and picnic tables to sit back and relax.  

5. Two Rivers Dog Park

Another great dog park in the Nashville area, Two Rivers has paved walkways, water fountains, trees for shade, and benches. Dogs of all sizes can run and explore off-leash. As of May 2022, a brand new fence was being installed to further secure the perimeter.  

This park is conveniently located with ample free parking, too.  

Nashville Dog Parks Best Practices

Keep in mind that when you visit dog parks, there are a few things you should know - and etiquette you ought to follow, such as:  

  • Have your dog up-to-date on their armor - err, vaccines.
  • Wear a collar with ID tags at all times.
  • Keep aggressive dogs on a leash - even in off-leash parks.  
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Don’t bring any food  into the dog park.  
  • Any dog in heat - as well as small puppies - should be kept at home.  
  • Always read and follow the rules listed at each specific park.  

In all, it really comes down to practicing common courtesy so that Nashville’s dog parks remain safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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